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ST. CLOUD EDGE LIFE EXPO WORKSHOPS present information and support, and they are available free to all those who attend each day. The following workshops will be presented in Room A:


Your I Am Energy
with Laurie Wondra

You are an energetic being. You have a frequency and you vibrate in frequencies that communicate throughout the universe. Frequencies have sound and color associated to them and this is how you communicate to everything around you. Your energy field communicates messages before you speak. Your energy enters the room before your physical being does. The earth’s frequencies continue to elevate each year and therefore by your existence on earth your frequencies are elevating. You may feel these shifts with ease or through intense times of growth. Learn how this impact your frequencies and simple techniques to expand your own frequencies.
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Hanmi Buddhist Meditation

Learn how to tap into the remarkable healing powers of the mind using meditation practices developed by Enlightened Buddhist Masters. Chinese Esoteric Buddhism has a variety of tools and techniques that are very powerful for self-healing and self transformation. By practicing these techniques, you can purify your karma, calm your body and mind, and attain higher levels of consciousness and awareness.
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Soul Emergence
with Jeanne Lecher

Like the spring flowers, our Souls are in the season of emergence. Come join Jeanne Lecher as we: Create a fertile grounded environment; Learn tips and tool to guide, support and nurture; and Cultivate skills to promote optimal growth through the coming seasons. You will experience a sense of well-being and leave with information, constructive tools and grounded action steps to take.
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Channeling Esoteric Wisdom
with Kim Weaver

Kim channels the Banded Warriors of Light and Unity of One. Each is a group of light beings from different realms and dimensions. There are many myths and legends of the spirit realms.  Now is your chance to ask that burning question. You may be surprised at the knowledge shared.
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Ascension & How It Affects Me and What is My Part?
with LynMarie

LynMarie will discuss in full detail what this truly is, and give you understand of all the intricacies of Ascension, Duality, Light Versus Darkness, Non-Polarity, full consciousness, full ascension, that we are experiencing and all the things that have been achieved to move the planet and humanity forward through this process.  
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John of God Tour
with Laurie Macchiaroli

Join Laurie to hear about a 12-day tour to see world renowned Medium Joao’s gift. People call him John of God (JOG). Brazil is where JOG offers the healings. JOG has been using his gift for over 57 years serving the people as his body is used as an instrument to incorporate as many as 33 different Spirits while in session. JOG does not have any memory of what he does while incorporated. He is fulfilling his mission to God. JOG says he does not heal anyone, the one who heals is God. People from all over the world come. Laurie will share her profound experiences.
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Toe Reading Workshop: Unfolding The Story That Is Embedded In Your Toes
with Jennifer Hamende

In Toe Reading, everything that happens throughout our life is embedded in our feet. The first record of our story is recorded the day you were born and your foot prints were placed on a piece of paper and our feet continue to record our stories/thought processes. In Toe Reading, everything is something. As a Toe Reader, Jennifer begins to help interpret the stories in your life that could be potentially holding you back from your heart’s desire.
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Hanmi Buddhist Healing Meditation

Learn how Hanmi Buddhist meditation and practice can help you to heal yourself of suffering so that you are free to experience the joy and goodness of life! These meditations have been passed down from Enlightened Buddhist masters for over 1,300 years. Learn and practice a Hanmi Buddhist meditation that can relieve suffering, heal your body, and purify your karma.
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