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2016 Speakers were Alexandra Mika (left) and Kelli Miller.


A general admission ticket gives you access to Exhibit Hall. Each speaker ticket includes admission to Exhibit Hall.
2017 Tickets will be available next spring.


Join our well-renowned speakers as they not only entertain but teach you how to improve the many areas of your life. All of the keynote speakers will discuss various aspects of Intuition, Psychic Abilities and Healing. All speakers will also answer questions and offer random readings to attendees. They will be available in Exhibition Hall following their talks.

The following Keynote Speakers spoke at the 2016 Minneapolis Psychic & Healing Symposium:


Saturday, February 27, 2016 | 11:00 a.m.- 12:30 p.m.
ALEXANDRA MIKA: Find the Beauty of Your Wings

Mika,-AlexandraFly to new states of health, joy and freedom with author ALEXANDRA MIKA. Alexandra will share messages from her new book The Beauty of Wings: A True Story of Transformation from Near Death to Unconditional Love. The Beauty of Wings is a magical true story of inner transformation. It unravels the details of author Alexandra Mika’s healing journey, from an excruciatingly painful childhood of bullying, exclusion and asthma to her mid-twenties filled with anorexia, pneumonia, panic and suffocation to near death. Through dedication and determination Alexandra propels herself out of dark waters and comes home to her natural state of bliss, radiant health and love.

In this keynote with Alexandra you will learn:
– Powerful techniques to free yourself from addictions, pain, trauma, toxic relationships, and disease
– Tools to awaken your heart chakra
– Daily rituals that transform lives

You will leave the event with a greater understanding of healing and powerful tools to awaken your life to freedom, well-being, joy and love. 

ALEXANDRA MIKA is a registered nurse, Reiki Master, certified yoga instructor, author and artist. She teaches workshops on healing and opening to unconditional love. After a profound healing transformation, she realized that the energy of the heart can transcend anything. For more information on Alexandra, visit www.alexandramika.com


Saturday, February 27, 2016 | 1:30 – 3:00 p.m.
KELLI MILLER: Live Audience Reading

Miller-KelliEver wonder why we are here and what we are here to do? Have you pondered the thought of what it’s like on the other side and how your loved ones are doing? Then this event is perfect for you! Join Psychic/Medium KELLI MILLER with an afternoon of connecting with your soul and communicating with spirit and loved ones. This will be a profound experience, an amazing chat and huge eye opener on life and afterlife. During the first half, she’ll speak of life on the other side; during the second half, she will do a live audience/gallery reading. This is a unique opportunity so bring a friend, too! 

KELLI MILLER is a Down-to-Earth, Hilarious, Professional Psychic/Medium, Spiritual Life Coach and Transformational Speaker from Omaha, Nebraska! As a psychic, she can help you with guidance and direction in areas where you feel lost and confused. As a medium, she can receive messages from your deceased ones in spirit and your spirit guides. Using her abilities as a psychic and medium, she can help you connect with guidance from both energy and spirit to help you heal your life, your grief, your relationships, your career, your financial issues, your body and even your soul. As a spiritual adviser and life coach, she can share insight into your own talents and strengths for you to maximize your potential. For more information on Kelli, visit http://www.psychickelli.com.