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MINNEAPOLIS EDGE LIFE EXPO WORKSHOPS present information and support, and they are available free to all those who attend each day. The following workshops were presented in 2017:


9:00-9:50am | Tack Room B
Sparking the Intuitive Gifts in All of Us
with Rev. Kev

A Special Workshop & Gallery Event with the Intuitive Rev. Kev – Not Your Ordinary Reverend! This event will assist in opening up the audience’s gifts of the intuitive realm. Rev. Kev will outline the steps to opening up to the gifts that lie within you. Sacred Spirits and Angels will speak through Rev. Kev during his powerful readings. As an Intuitive Channel, ancient Sacred Spirits often communicate their concern for the planet, the inhabitants thereof, and their relationship to Creator. Rev. Kev is gifted with clairvoyant (seeing), clairaudient (hearing), and clairsentient (feeling) abilities.
Visit us at Booth 7 | www.absolutejourney.info

11:00-11:50am | Morgan Room
Awakening into Enlightenment | Spiritual Technology Demystified
with Jeremiah & Amanda Rangel

There are Seven Levels of Awakening to Enlightenment. Have you been curious about your state? Maybe you’ve had mystical experiences, or feel completely connected to the source at all times. Learn the characteristics of each level while contemplating where you are at in your Awakening and how to advance to the next level.
Visit us at Booths 34 & 35 | www.intraawareness.com

11:00-11:50am | Tack Room A
In Soul Motion
with Cheryl Carrigan

I remember my ah-ha moment when I took a deep breathe in and everything started to unfold for me. We all have that little spark in our soul just waiting to explode. Come find out how to ignite your soul and start living…truly living a soulful life with your Soul In Motion! Attendees will receive a gift & a special offer on upcoming classes.
Visit us at Booth 50 | www.cherylcarrigan.com

11:00-11:50am | Tack Room B
The Spirits Around You
with Rev. Kev

Wondering about the differences of those communicating from the spirit realm beyond? Come to Rev. Kev’s workshop. Clarification about the
hierarchy of spirits and communication from channeled entities Saturday will inspire introspection and conversation. Come and learn more about the
angels, and others, around us.
Visit us at Booth 7 | AbsoluteJourney.info

Noon-12:50pm | Morgan Room
3 C’s of Soul Healing
with Maggie Chula

Explore the 3 basic processes that are needed to create a whole and healthy connection to your soul. These basic processes, when in alignment with your heart’s desire, will bring peace, love, health and well-being into your life. Come and explore healing on a soul level.
Visit us at booth 17 | www.MaggieChula.com

Noon-12:50pm | Tack Room A
Be Your Self and Be Well
with Dr. Steven Hiebert

You have the power to heal. Join Dr. Steven Hiebert for an inspiring presentation based on the principles and practices in his book Be Your Self and Be Well: Connecting With Your Soul’s Power to Heal. All attendees will receive a complimentary copy of the book.
Visit us at booth 41 | www.drstevenhiebert.com

Noon-12:50pm | Tack Room B
The Importance of Keeping Your Energy Bodies Clean & The Functions of Chakra
with Nancy Robinson

I will be speaking on the importance of keeping your energy bodies clear and clean, and giving instruction on just how to go about doing that. Then I will explain the functions of the chakras and how they affect our physical health.
Visit us at booth 74 | www.Mysticalnancy.com

1:00-1:50pm | Morgan Room
Awaken the Three Powers for Healthy Life
with Master Hong

We all have three powers within: physical power, heart power and brain power. By fully accessing these powers, we become the best version of ourselves and live a complete and whole life.
Visit us at booth 24 | www.bodynbrain.com/maplegrove

1:00-1:50pm | Tack Room A
Removing Toxicity From Your Life to Become the Best Version of YOU!
with De’Vonna Pittman, M.A.S.

De’Vonna Pittman is walking in her own personal healing. She will share both serious and comedic insight on how she was able to resolve her abandonment issues, remove toxic people from her life, and discover how she attributed to self-sabotage in many areas of her life
Visit us at booth 76 | www.devonnapittman.com

1:00-1:50pm | Tack Room B
Super Hero Workout for Sensitives
with Claudia N. Johnson, Psychic Medium

Are you a psychic, empath, or highly sensitive person? Learn four proven, super-fast, fun exercises to manage your emotions, get grounded in a flash, which exercise energizes you most and why. Every Super Hero needs to discover and harness the true nature of your power to manifest your best self!
Visit us at booth 12 | www.HealingEnergyArts.com

2:00-2:50pm | Morgan Room
Heaven is Calling
with Carol Lowell

Carol Lowell will be Bridging the Gap between Heaven and Earth! Let’s talk to your friends, family, guides and angels. “Heaven really Can’t wait,” as family and friends are excited to talk to you now. She will read as many participants as time permits. Get ready to have a conversation with loved ones, receive some closure, peace of mind, begin to heal with a little bit of humor and joy.
Visit us at booth 44 | www.carolmargaret.com

2:00-2:50pm | Tack Room A
Creating a Stronger Health Foundation
with Dr. Vincent Truong

In this workshop, we are going to learn how a shift in the spine can change the very foundation of life. This shift can directly affect our lifestyles, decrease daily performance and cause instability of the body which further weakens our health. Dr. Truong struggled with severe migraine for more than 18 years. He found a way to put and ending his migraine and is willing to share this precious knowledge and new approach health care to the world.
Visit us at booth 1 | Facebook: The Genesis Chiropractic

2:00-2:50pm | Tack Room B
Soul Travel
with Arlene & Aubrey Forbes

Awaken to the most secret and sacred part of yourself. Discover how Soul Travel can help you step out of the crowd and master your spiritual destiny. Presented by the Minnesota Satsang Society, a Chartered Affiliate of Eckankar, The Path of Spiritual Freedom.
Visit us at booth 51 | eckankar-mn.org

3:00-3:50pm | Morgan Room
Negativity Cleanse
with Mia Rampi-Lambertz

Would you like to be cleansed of your negativity? Everyday we are sponges to our environment by picking up the bad and good from everything around us. In this workshop we will talk about practical ways you can come into harmony with the light in the universe. We will also create a tunnel of cleansing where all negative energy will fall off of you and you will feel happiness, tranquility and love.
Visit us at Booths 26 & 27

3:00-3:50pm | Tack Room A
Flying Lessons: Ready for Takeoff
with Nea Clare

Do you have a big dream? Do you feel called to greater work? Are you willing, but cant seem to get going? This workshop is for you! In this brief workshop, Nea Clare will share three key strategies designed to help you move from idea into powerful action. Let’s make your dream your reality!
Visit us at Booth 23 | www.neaclare.com

3:00-3:50pm | Tack Room B
Removing Blocks to Explosive Abundance
with Leslie Fonteyne

We long to attract financial abundance, loving relationships, good health and life purpose, but find the path blocked by energetic interferences, toxic patterns, stifling agreements and a limited view of our value and capabilities. In this session, we’ll identify those blocks and perform a real-time clearing with Ascended Masters and Archangels. You won’t be the same!
Visit us at Booth 6 | www.lesliefonteyne.com

4:00-4:50pm | Morgan Room
Walking and Lightning
with Jeff Tyler

Becoming a practitioner of energy arts can be a bewildering experience. Learn how to deal with the inevitable changes in your environment due to working with energy in your career, home life and relationships. What is intuition and how do we develop it and use it? What is energy? Is it good to be sensitive to it? How do I use my intuition and energy now that I’m aware of it? We’ll explore some practical and simple exercises on how to develop our intuition and energy.
Visit us at Booth 40 | www.jeff-tyler.com

4:00-4:50pm | Tack Room A
Keep Life Fun! Build Amazing Potential!
with Michael Vukelic

Life is supposed to be Fun, and Joy is our natural state! So why are you experiencing anything different? Everything you experience in your life is emanating from you! Its true! Thats the beauty of this work! It’s time to fully know your Ego “Mind,” build spiritual “Muscle” and create “Miracles” of peace, happiness and Outrageous Success!
Visit us at Booth 61 | www.outrageoussuccess.com

4:00-4:50pm | Tack Room B
Discover The Infinite Wisdom and Beauty Within Your Soul…Honor the Passion in your Heart
with Darragh Hodges

Darragh Hodges, a well-known international visionary artist, has an incredible way of bringing life’s lessons into focus and how you as an individual have come here at this time to have a profound affect on the world. She will walk you through your past into the present and then into the future with great hope. Her teachings are an eye-opening experience and one that you will never forget. She will show you how to discover the wisdom and beauty with in your soul. Join her for this wonderful journey into your future.
Visit us at Booth 43 | www.spiritualportraitsbydarragh.com


9:00-9:50am | Tack Room A
Be Perceptive to the Colors in Your Energy Field
with Annette Bruchu

The relationship between your Aura field and your Chakra system is through color. Understanding the harmony between the two will create a healthier You. When you are true to your birth color, you will discover ways to nurture and support your Chakra system. Join Annette as she shares with you the importance of color experienced through everyday life and how to maintain a healthy energy field by keeping yourself balanced. A nationally known Intuitive Healer, Annette has a vast understanding of Auric fields, color representation and the Chakra System through Aura Photography. She teaches Intuitive Development and Energy Healing courses at her Helping YOU Heal Center in Stillwater, MN, and also offers home and business energy clearing.
Visit us at Booths 65 & 66 | www.UnemployedAngelForHigher.com

11:00-11:50am | Morgan Room
You’re Not Crazy, You’re Just Psychic
with Sharon Sampsel

Have you ever wondered about all those blinking lights, or strange whispers or unexpected emotions? You are not going crazy. You are just experiencing your psychic body. Come join Sharon Sampsel and learn how to start using your psychic gifts for yourself in this fast-paced and fun class. Sharon will teach you how to get a grip on psychic abilities!
Visit us at Booth 19 | www.psychicsharonsampsel.com

11:00-11:50am | Tack Room A
A Spiritually Guided Meditation
with Carol Lowell

Start your Sunday morning out right. Join Carol Lowell as she facilitates a spiritually guided meditation
calling in the assistance of your Guides and Angels, strengthening your connection to the higher
realms. And, with grace and ease receive messages and blessings from those who love you and watch
over you.
Visit us at Booth 44 | www.carolmargaret.com

11:00-11:50am | Tack Room B
Path to Oneness | A User-Friendly Technical Breakdown
with Jeremiah Rangel & Jamy Schumacher

Learn how to expand your Level of Consciousness using Ancient Spiritual Technology, modernized for today’s world. We have traveled internationally to study esoteric spiritual technology. Our purpose is to teach the Light Beings and Spiritual Butterflies how to use these proven tools and techniques to fulfill their life’s purpose. Learn how Acceptance is not something that you can “do,” but something that must be “given” to you; and how Acceptance is the key to true Oneness.
Visit us at Booths 34 & 35 | www.intraawareness.com

Noon-12:50pm | Morgan Room
The Spiritual Perspective of Mental Health
with Shannon Sondrol

Shannon will detail her own personal story of her mental health crisis, aka “spiritual emergence,” and how she overcame that dark time in her life to move forward and discover her healing gifts and soul’s mission here. This lecture will help to explain the spiritual perspective of mental health and the correlation between that experience and uncovering the healing gifts that lie buried within those highly sensitive people.
Visit us at booth 83 | www.shannonsondrol.com

Noon-12:50pm | Tack Room A
Be the Peace You Seek: An Introduction to Chinese Esoteric Buddhist Meditation
with Charlotte Steen

Learn how effective these ancient Hanmi Buddhist meditations can be for calming your mind, uplifting your spirit, and creating peace in your world. Participants will receive the full teaching of a meditation from the Lotus Dharma family, including the sacred mantra, mudra, visualization and methods of how to integrate the teaching into your daily life. All are welcome.
Visit us at booth 56 | www.mn-hanmi-buddhism.org

Noon-12:50pm | Tack Room B
The Twin Flame phenomenon: Is there another Half to you?
with Kayla Michaele & Chris Herzog

The Twin Flame Phenomenon is real and Twin Flame Union is happening now, more than ever! What is a Twin flame Union and could it be happening to you? Chris Herzog and Kayla Michaele, Twin Flame Lightworkers, will lead you through the meanings, signs and purposes of this world changing Phenomenon.
Visit us at booth 57 | www.kaylamichaele.com

1:00-1:50pm | Morgan Room
Secrets and Tools: Answers to Your Passion & Purpose
with Lori Palm & Wes Hamilton

The secrets will be translated and the tools demonstrated in this fun experiential presentation. Find the answers to your questions, “Who am I? What should I do? When should I do it?” Come with a question — Lori and Wes will be using a few of their tools to give you a personal answer! When you know WHO you are, you know WHAT to do and WHEN to do it! Lori Palm is a modern-day muse inspiring passion, purpose and possibilities. Wes Hamilton is a master numerologist and national teacher of personal growth programs. Together they created the Core Passion® Assessment, Tools and Processes.
Visit us at Booth 63 | www.corepassion.com | www.weshamilton.com

1:00-1:50pm | Tack Room A
Be Your Self and Be Well
with Dr. Steven Hiebert

You have the power to heal. Join Dr. Steven Hiebert for an inspiring presentation based on the principles and practices in his book Be Your Self and Be Well: Connecting With Your Soul’s Power to Heal. All attendees will receive a complimentary copy of the book.
Visit us at booth 41 | www.drstevenhiebert.com

1:00-1:50pm | Tack Room B
The Three Faces of Esotericism
with Chip Halbach

The Three Faces of Esotericism will present how, from the late 1800s through 2016, the inner order of life has been progressively revealed through the writings of three prominent esoteric authors. This presentation will provide an overview of the fundamental precepts and integrative nature of this collective body of work. 
Visit us at booth 64 | www.share-international.org