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FARGO HOLISTIC EXPO WORKSHOPS present information and support, and they are available free to all those who attend each day. The following workshops will be presented:

Saturday, April 22, 2017:

11:00-11:50am | Room D
Contacting the Spirit Realm for Your Journey
with Rev. Kev

Learn how you can ask for and receive assistance from the Angelic Realm in this mini-gallery workshop with Rev. Kev. Angels are everywhere, helping all aspects of creation, including you and me! Receive instructions, experience Rev. Kev’s impromptu readings, have confidence in asking for guidance on your Absolute Journey.
Visit us at Booth 216 | www.AbsoluteJourney.info

Noon-12:50pm | Room C
Love, Love, Crazy Love!
with Sharon Sampsel

If love is all there is, why is it so crazy? Listen to Sharon Sampsel use her 25 years of reading experience to explain the differences between Soul Mates, Life Mates, and Play Mates and what works best for you! Get your love life questions answered by one of California’s Top Psychics in this uplifting presentation.
Visit us at Booth 5 | www.psychicsharonsampsel.com

1:00-1:50pm | Room B
How to Stay Young
with Sara King

During this class you will learn: About common health problems • Solutions to those common health problems • How each individual can take responsibility for their own heath • Preventive methods to improve overall health • How to stay on the right path of good overall health and function.
Visit us at Booth 203 | www.healingartschiropractic.com

1:00-1:50pm | Room C
The Fall from Grace
with LynMarie8

LynMarie8 will tell you how and why this happened, how it affects you, and why you are here today. She has been working with beings who created this, and they are all in the physical form on Earth now. LynMarie8 is founder and teacher of Beyond Quantum Consciousness®, a certified Teacher of Theta Healing®.
Visit us at Booth 322 | www.lynmarie8.com | lynmarie.8@aol.com

1:00-1:50pm | Room D
Wild Moon Circle Gathering
with Tracy Roberts

Join Wild Moon Circle Leader Tracy Roberts, as we explore a theme and visualization, based on the astrological placement of New Moon. This beautiful practice is a dose of sacred ceremony and heartfelt strategy. You leave Circle with a powerful and specific intention, for your life.
Visit us at Booth 119 | ajettreiki.com

2:00-2:50pm | Room C
Crush Your Metaphysical Blocks to Weight Loss 
with Dr. John Schellenberg

According to the Department of Health, more than 95 percent of all diets fail. Getting agreement between your head and your heart is the Missing Key to weight loss success. Come witness the power of Dr. John’s Weight Loss Program in this experiential workshop.
Visit us at Booths 105 & 107 | www.onelightchiro.com

2:00-2:50pm | Room D
Past Lives, Dreams, & Soul Travel
with Nadine Hillesheim

Have you ever wondered if you have lived before? Or had a dream where you met with a departed loved one or that gave you an insight into a problem or relationship? Have you had an out-of-body experience or experienced an inner light or sound? Join us as we explore these topics. We will do hands-on exercises and share techniques for having some of these experiences yourself. Facilitator Nadine Hillesheim has been studying past lives, dreams and Soul Travel for years and is a member of ECKANKAR, Ancient Wisdom for Today.
Visit us at Booth 301 | www.eckankar-mn.org

3:00-3:50pm | Room B
Empaths Waking Up the World!
with Jade Rehder

In this presentation, Empath Whisperer, Intuitive and Coach Jade Rehder will speak: about the 11 different Empath Talents; my Top 3 ways to more deeply tap into your Empath Gifts; and the #1 Way to protect yourself as an Empath (it’s not shielding).
Visit us at Booth 5 | www.DoYouFeelDifferent.com

3:00-3:50pm | Room C
Stones for your Home and Health
with Cindy Schmitz

Cindy will be walking you through the best placement of stones in your home and why they are important and which stones to keep in your car and to carry or wear for your health, happiness, protection, stress and more.
Visit us at Booths 101 & 103 | www.crystalrockhealing.com

Sunday, April 23, 2017: